The VMAP Standards Community


The association is a scientific research institution and promotes science and research. It is concerned with the scientific investigation of the application possibilities as well as further development and maintenance of an open software standard that can be used for industrial and academic applications in a generally and free accessible manner. "VMAP SC" is the "VMAP Standards Community", open to all interested parties who wish to use or contribute to the standardization efforts of the association. The association wishes to carry the VMAP standardization efforts into the future and for this purpose plans to found the "VMAP Standards Community e.V.“

In particular, at the time of the foundation of this association there are still open scientific questions concerning at least the following technical disciplines:

  • Storage of complete simulation models and consideration of further simulation disciplines and discretization methods
  • Connection to product management and design data,
  • Linking of virtual simulation data with real measurement and sensor data,
  • Semantic and cross-disciplinary organization of data via ontologies,
  • Support for AI-based analysis and prediction methods.

A solution to these and future questions is to be made possible by the association within the framework of current R&D projects or projects still to be developed. In this context, projects/project applications/funding programs of various research institutes are to be linked.

The association's activity is aimed at making the results of scientific activity accessible to the general public, which is usually done by publishing them.

Purpose of the Association

The purpose of the association is the promotion of science and research. For this purpose

  • the association initiates the execution of scientific work within the framework of publically funded programs or self-financed R&D projects as well as the subsequent publication and use of the results within the framework of ongoing standardization activities,
  • the association supports the exchange of ideas in the field of IT-supported product creation in general,
  • the association shall advance the development of the VMAP standard by organizing
    - regular exchange and discussion among members and with third parties, e.g. in web-based meetings,
    - regular exchange and discussion in international conferences organized by the association, to which a wide public has access,
    - the development of updates to the standard through contributions from members,
  • the association publishes and updates free of charge general information on the VMAP standard, the formal VMAP specifications and the complementary VMAP software parts on the World Wide Web,
  • the association promotes the dissemination of the standard and thus the general participation in the standard by web-based introductions and short trainings as well as by informing the users about
    - the status of corresponding standardization activities,
    - the ongoing development of software solutions which are based on these standards,
    - the quality and scope of software solutions and development capabilities which are based on these standards.

Jointly authorised to represent:

Chair Person:
Klaus Wolf
Fraunhofer SCAI
Schloss Birlinghoven 1
53757 Sankt Augustin
Telefon: +49 (0)2241 14-4058

Vice-Chair Person:
Prof. Dr. Olaf Bruch
Dr. Reinold Hagen Stiftung
Kautexstraße 53
53229 Bonn

Albert (Roger) Oswald
Griesstr. 20
D-85567 Grafing b. München

Statues and Regulation Documents:
Statutes December 20, 2022
ByLaws December 20, 2022
Member Fees December 20, 2022 

Founding Members

Founding Members