Klaus Wolf

Klaus Wolf

Chairman of VMAP Standards Community eV

Fraunhofer Institute SCAI

Schloss Birlinghoven 1

53757 Sankt Augustin, Germany

Phone +49 2241 14-4058

E-Mail klaus.wolf@vmap-standard.org

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VMAP offers a development solution for integrating the VMAP standard into your own code. This implementation package is free of charge and can also be integrated into commercial software products subject to the licence terms below.

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VMAP understands that the standards and methods need to be supported continually and hence the project will establish an open and vendor-neutral “Material Data Exchange Interface Standard“ community that will provide best-practice guidelines for the community and will ensure that standardisation efforts continue into the future.

This community will be open to any interested software vendor, research group, and industrial end-user. However, initially the members of the VMAP project will form the initial “VMAP Standardisation Board” and define the rules for further memberships, communication, etc. The group will be completely transparent to its members and the public.

The operation of the group must be non-profit and all essential results should be made public. Members should try to participate at workshops/conferences to help spread the VMAP technology.

The VMAP Standard documents are available on request. Please complete the form below if you wish to download pdf versions of the documentation.
The VMAP Community is willing to work with and help those who wish to implement the VMAP Standards in their software or process. Please complete the form below if you wish to integrate VMAP with your software or in your simulation process.

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